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 Posting Standards

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PostSubject: Posting Standards    Posting Standards  EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 2:50 am

Hello! I'm here today to show you the standards of posting; there's a good standard, and then there's another one; the bad standard. On this site, the bad standard is a swear word, so we'll just call it the BS, to emphasize how important these are. Now, I'll shall you what a good post looks like, and when you post, you should at least match it or do better. Then, I'll demonstrate a BS, and you'll see why we call it a BS.

A good post should look something like this;


This is an alright post. The minimum, though. In your case, however, you might want to leave the other people/person with more to work with, but this is only for demonstration purposes.

Now, for some BS.


One; it does not meet the length standard, it does not even partially meet it. Two, the spelling and grammar is ALL wrong. Do you see the problem with the there/they're/theirs? If not, you desperately need a lesson in grammar, my not-so-fine sir or miss.
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Posting Standards
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