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 Nice to see you again... { A D A M }

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Nice to see you again... { A D A M } Empty
PostSubject: Nice to see you again... { A D A M }   Nice to see you again... { A D A M } EmptySat Dec 17, 2011 2:39 am

Nice to see you again... { A D A M } Dead_angel_by_MissHeroin
Nice to see you again... { A D A M } Garnet

                          Garnet sat on a plane, heading to Savannah, Georgia. Why? She had absolutely no idea. She felt like she needed a new location to explore. She usually did this every few years or so. She couldn't stay put in just one place for a period of time. Ever since Levi got up and left, she's been on her own. How long has it been since then? She doesn't remember, and she could very well care less. At least, that's what she told herself. When she started to see the town from her plane window, a small smirk spread across her pale pink lips. She still wore the usual dark clothes, nothing much has changed with her. When the plane landed, she collected her bag and started walking around the town for a small while. The place was truly breath-taking. But, she also needed a place to stay... She hadn't thought of a solution to that one yet. She sat on a park bench, setting her bag beside her, and she began to think. She only had a couple hundred bucks left, that could probably get her one night in a hotel. Aggravated, she groaned and leaned back on the bench. She looked up at the crystal blue sky, and smirked. It was a nice town. Hopefully, this town wouldn't be as bad as the last.

Nice to see you again... { A D A M } Rachie3
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Nice to see you again... { A D A M }
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