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 The Rules and Regulations of Bloodlust

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The Rules and Regulations of Bloodlust Empty
PostSubject: The Rules and Regulations of Bloodlust   The Rules and Regulations of Bloodlust EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 2:17 am


  1. Everyone is here to roleplay, and to generally get along. No, I'm not saying that you all have to be best friends, but please do not "snub" people. Don't just roleplay with a certain person, or a group of people. Get around, talk to everybody, and don't judge a book by it's cover. If you keep the drama to a minimum, we'll keep the banning to a minimum, okay?

  2. It might not seem like it, but this RP has a somewhat structured plot. Don't try to make a huge plot out of what should just stay a character plot. The only people allowed to do that will know who they are. However, there is nothing against making small plots between other characters. I.E. - She cheated on me!, You're my long-lost brother, etc.

  3. This site is meant to be for experienced roleplayers. We require a minimum of two paragraphs per post, eight sentences per paragraph. There is a good standard, and a bad standard. The first time you commit an offense against these standards, you will be put on probation, where we will monitor your posts carefully. The second strike, you're out. We may sound rather harsh, but these are the rules, and you will abide by them. More information can be found here.

  4. On the subject of posting, it's time for the rating. PG-13. I know what you're thinking. "Gasp, we can't feel the site with smut and drugs and hardcore violence?"No, no you can't. Drugs are a no-no. Remember when your mommy and daddy sat you down and explained to you that marijuana was bad for you? Well, they were right. Alcohol; we're okay with very minor uses of it, but don't hit the bars in every topic. As for swearing, that's a very minor problem. We don't mind it too much, just don't have your character shouting the F word forty times a post. No f-bomb's, no using the C word. We good? We good. If you want to have your characters frolic off to a date, then have a good time in the bathroom, just...no. Don't even start the topic, then. If you want to have fun sexy parties in the PM, go for it. I don't give a damn, and frankly, that's why they're called PRIVATE messages. We won't stand for you IMPLYING what's happening, either. Keep it in PM or keep it in your pants.

  5. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way. We do want you to attempt at being active, though. That means if you are going on an absence, inform us by PMing an admin.

  6. The biggest rule of all is to be nice, have fun, and abide by the golden rules.

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The Rules and Regulations of Bloodlust
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