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 Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER]

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PostSubject: Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER]   Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] EmptyTue Oct 04, 2011 11:50 pm

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Autumn_in_texas_by_nerdynotdirty
Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Autumn
Shapeshifter; Female; 17 years of age
Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Family-1
                      Mother: Autumn’s mother (Laurie Galzan) has never been very receptive to the fact that Autumn is a shapeshifter. While she has accepted this about her family, she is still wary on the idea that at any time they can change shape. It’s gotten easier over the years, but Laurie still finds it shocking from time to time.
                      Laurie’s relationship with Autumn, other than that, is generally normal for a mother and a daughter. They butt heads a lot, argue about almost everything and simply dislike each other quite often. Autumn always puts it in a very specific way. “I love my mom, but I don’t like her.” Laurie Galzan died of old age when Autumn was 16 in shapeshifter years.
                      ”My mom? She’s fine I guess...She’s not a shapeshifter, but she accepts us, even if it is slightly outside of her comfort zone. Being the only human in a family of shapeshifters must get tough. People always say that the reason mom mother and I butt heads and argue so much is because we’re similar...but I just don’t see it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom. But I have to love her. If she wasn’t my mother I’d avoid her like the plague,”

                      Father: Like Autumn, Autumn’s father (Lewis Galzan) was a shapeshifter. Autumn and Mr. Galzan’s relationship was always much better than she and her mother’s. Lewis Galzan has always been lighthearted, and yet very left brain oriented at the same time. He’s organized and everything always has a place and a purpose. Despite this being Autumn’s polar opposite the two get along better than she and her mother. Lewis Galzan hardly ever loses a temper, but when he does, Autumn says it’s the scariest thing she’s ever seen.
                      ”I would definitely be a Daddy’s girl, though not as girly in that sense. Nut I much prefer my dad than my mom. But I didn’t when I was little, apparently. My dad would always be away for business and I hated him for it. I’d cling to my mom, apparently, wishing that she wouldn’t leave too. But she didn’t and he stopped leaving. We argue sometimes, but it’s very rare, especially since my dad never loses his temper. He prefers that disappointed sigh and glare, which just breaks my heart.”

                      Brother: Autumn’s brother (Liam) is also a shapeshifter. He was the first born of the family and is currently 24 years old. Since he was a child, Liam has always been naturally mature. He acted like an adult from the day he was born and never changed. He was that easy first child that every parent wishes they could have. However, this mature, smart, organized, responsible child was the hardest thing for Autumn to attempt to live up to. And despite her best efforts she was never able to do so. Autumn has always loved her brother, but deep down there’s a small bit of jealousy and almost contempt for him that. Liam has always been like a third parent to Autumn, which is both good and bad. Often he’s stricter than their actual parents.
                      ”Liam is my big brother. He’s the person I most look up to in everything. He’s as close to perfect as you could get to be honest. I’ve always wanted to live up to him but I just...can’t. The boy was born mature and smart and that perfect kid that everyone wants. And then came me...the “trouble” child. I guess I can see it...but sometimes I just wish I could be more like him. I feel like maybe it’d make life easier...”

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] History-1
                      Autumn has had a generally normal life, other than being a shapeshifter. She hasn't really lost anyone too close to her, at least not that she shares with anyone, and has never had a very exciting past. The only thing that's remotely "exciting" is her species and the day to day challenges that they face. However, because they are just that, day to day, Autumn pays no notice to these obstacles anymore.
                      Autumn was born and raised in Philidelphia. While she hated living in the city, it helped her and her family to blend in a bit more. And blending, indeed, was a shapeshifters specialty. Throughout her life, Autumn has always had a strong connection with animals, which is why she enjoyed shifting into them. It was always her favorite thing to do and as the years went by and she continued to play around with her powers, Autumn became very good at holding her shape as an animal.
                      Autumn was always the outcast in school, but it was her opportunity to get away from her mother, so she didn't complain. Autumn would tote along an animal friend, keeping them hidden in her pack or something along those lines.
                      When Autumn turned 10 (in shapeshifter years, she appeared 16) she dropped out of school, deciding to finish her studies on her own. However, because she ages much slower than humans, she was able to return to school years later and finish it, under a different name of course. Autumn has also attended college multiple times, though, she never mentions these years of her extended life to anyone.
                      After Autumn tired of Philadelphia, she began to travel around. First it was just around the United States, but then she began exploring as many areas of the globe as she could. Autumn found fascination in the culture and the wonders of all areas. She spent many years traveling, exploring as many places as she could for as long as possible. After her adventures were over, she returned home to find that her mother had died of old age. Her father fell into a depression. Although Autumn had never really liked her mother very much, she still grieved for the loss of her and wished that she could have mended their relationship before it was too late. If you ask Autumn, that would be her biggest regret.
                      With Autumn's father in a depression, Liam took the fatherly role in the family. He now had a steady job and was married to another female shapeshifter and also had a child on the way. Liam attempted to help Autumn, since she was still considered young. Autumn refused the help and ran off to Ireland, which was still her favorite place in the world. She began living in an old castle, with a few other Otherworlders. After a few years of living like that, Autumn moved back to Philadelphia. She found herself a job, minimum wage of course, and decided to go back to school, since she was technically "school age". Autumn has yet to speak to her father, her brother, or his wife and child since she left. Often she'll pick up the phone to call, but she hangs up before they answer.

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Appearance-1
                      Autumn has an average beauty to her. While she is beautiful, in her own way, she doesn't have that beauty that everyone wants nowadays. She stands at about 5'6" in height. She has a thin, boyish figure with long, twiggy, gangly arms and legs and hardly any curves in her waist or hips. She attempts to wear clothing that makes those luxurious curves that she covets by wearing a belt cinched around her waist, but it doesn't really work. Autumn has thin, round shoulders that lead into her long arms. Her fingers are bony, like the rest of her, and appear long, almost like claws or talons. Her nails are chewed down to the pink, it's a nervous habit she has. Autumn has slightly above average shoe size. She usually wears a size 10-11, depending on the shoe. Many years ago, she was ridiculed for her large feet, but now it's much more accepted and much easier to find shoes her size.
                      Autumn has a round, oval shaped face. Her cheek bones are soft, almost unnoticeable. She has a smooth, pointy chin and a strong, square jawline. Her nose is a bit big, but she tries to ignore this aspect of her features. Autumn' skin hardly has any color in it. She's very pale, almost deathly pale. This makes her appear to be a vampire, which is sometimes an advantage. Her lips are thin and also almost colorless and they blend in with her skin. Autumn's mouth is often turned up in a smile, whether it's a sincere smile or not is hard to tell.
                      Autumn's eyes are large, round and a deep shade of chocolate brown. Many liken her eyes to those of a doe. They have an innocence to them that one can't fathom since she's been around for so long.
                      Autumn's hair is a reddish shade of brown. This red appears mostly in the light and is only a tint to her natural, dull brown. Her hair is long and reaches about three inches past her shoulder blades. It's very thick in texture and weighs down her head, especially when wet. Autumn's hair is wavy, but on the straighter side of wavy. To her, it's mostly frizzy. Because she feels it's so frizzy, she cuts it in choppy, jagged, short layers that make it at least look purposefully frizzy. For the longest time she tried her hardest to keep it down flat, but after so long she just stopped caring about her appearance.
                      Autumn has never worn make-up, nor will she ever choose to. She believes in more natural appearance, and after a while she just stopped putting effort into her daily appearance. Autumn's wardrobe, throughout all of her years, has always consisted of natural colors and earthy tones. Hardly ever will she be caught in a bright color. One, because it washes out her pale skin, and two, because she doesn't like bright colors. While she enjoys bright things in art and painting, she does not enjoy them in clothing. Autumn has a necklace that she always wears. It's a golden locket and pocketwatch. At the moment there is no picture in it. She has yet to think of a memory that she would enjoy looking back on many years from now when she opens the locket again. So for now, it's just a way to tell time.
                      Overall, Autumn is pretty. She has a warm smile and friendly demeanor that, she hopes, brightens days. However, despite these qualities, she still considers herself to be average. "I'm nothing special," she says.

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Personality-1-1-1
                      Autumn can easily be described as a free spirit. She has a love of adventure and excitement that has yet to diminish even throughout her years on earth. She is stubborn and hardheaded and once she has something in her head, she never lets go. Her sense of responsibility to make others happy surpasses her need to be happy herself, but she hides this well. All in all, Autumn is a kind, creative, caring person that tends to do before she thinks.
                      Autumn's adventurous spirit has stuck with her. Even though she has explored quite a bit, she still finds everything fascinating. She's amazed by the smallest things, Many say she amuses easily, but it's more wonder and intrigue than amusement. Autumn always loves to travel. It isn't surprising for her to pack her things and leave to explore the unknown. When she does this, she always brings along a few things. Clothing, toiletries, and her camera and art supplies like her charcoals, pastels, pencils and at least two sketch pads. Autumn has boxes and boxes of sketches of the things she's seen as well as hundreds of photographs, both film and digital, that she saves. Autumn finds enjoyment in scrap booking these memories, but because she has so many she never puts effort into really buckling down and getting everyone organized and done. So for now, the apartment she lives in is mostly full of her clothing and her works of art. Many say she's a memory hoarder, but she doesn't mind the accusation.
                      Autumn is very right brain oriented. She is creative, unorganized, and quite all over the place. She sees potential in everything and everyone. That child-like quality of seeing the good in everyone has not yet diminished for Autumn. Many call her naive, but she wants to see good as much as possible. While Autumn, to normal people, seems extremely unorganized and frazzled, she always knows where to find something in her jungle of mess. It barely takes her anytime to find what she's looking for because she simply remembers where she threw it. If she puts something away in a special place she forgets where that "special place" is and loses the item. Her father always nagged at her to clean her room, but when she would she would take longer to find everything because all of her possessions were stowed away instead of being on the floor where she could see them.
                      Autumn is very stubborn and hard-headed. Once she has an idea in her head, there is hardly any changing her mind. Even if she is uninformed on her opinions and her reasoning behind them, she argues and argues until the cows come home. Often, Autumn has to have the last word. Often she doesn't realize she's doing this, but she just throws in her two cents even when no one wants it.
                      Autumn has a nasty habit of sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. She will try and stop fights and arguments by getting caught in the middle of them. Though this is never her intention, it always seems to end up that way.
                      Autumn has a very low level of self worth and self pride. She doesn't think she deserves much of anything and often criticizes herself. Although, she never voices critiques. She simply keeps them silent and in the comfort of her own, jumbled mess of a mind. She always puts others before herself, often without thinking about it. She won't hesitate to give to someone who needs it and often gets caught in a pickle of giving her things away and regretting it later. She'll never ask for these items back, though. That'd be wrong, according to her.
                      Autumn has quite the temper. Although she tries to control it, her emotions simply build and build until she explodes in fury and anger. Often, these explosions are not even at the person they're meant for. She'll usually let out her anger on one of her friends that she knows will stick around and never end up confronting what it is that's bothering her.
                      Autumn's brain works very quickly. She always has a constant flood of information that, somehow, she manages to get through on a daily basis. Because her mind works so quickly, she has a comeback for almost everything. Though some comebacks and responses are better than others, Autumn finds that she is never at a loss for words. She seems quite random to many people because of the thought process that she goes through to get from one thing to another. She always says "If you say my brian, you'd understand." Because Autumn is very light on her feet as far as conversations go, she's considered quite humorous. Her favorite genre of humor is sarcasm, of course. Isn't it everyone's favorite?
                      Autumn is a very complex person. She almost has multiple personalities that are all jumbled up into one person. Many find her too strange or "complex". However, this intricate mixture of traits and ticks and her general personality is what makes Autumn who she is today.

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] L-D-1
(At least 4 items for each )
- Art (photography, painting, and drawing to be exact.)
- Nature and animals
- Big city excitement, but yet she enjoys country charm and simplicity. Autumn appreciates most everything.
- Sarcasm
- Cheesy Movies
- Old music
- Excitement and adventure and simply traveling in general

- Her hair, she finds it frizzy and unmanageable.
- Liars. Although Autumn is quick to give you her trust, she hates being lied to.
- When people call her hard-headed. This is one of her pet peeves and it often makes her lose her temper.
- New York city. Out of all the places she's been to, New York is her least favorite.
- Pigeons, she finds them annoying.

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Abilities-2
                      Like most shapeshifters, Autumn is able to change her molecular structure into different objects, animals and beings. Her father and brother also have this ability, so this is where she gets her shapeshifters blood from. Autumn is able to change her chape into any object that she has observed, in person. She can't just look up a picture and have it in her "molecular structure bank". She has to see the object, animal or being in person to be able to change into it. It also takes a bit of studying, but she can do that by simple observation now. Autumn's favorite thing(s) to shift into are animals. She loves changing into the animals that she watches and enter their pack or family and live among them for a bit. When she is in an animal form, she naturally knows the instincts of that animal. How to communicate via yips, chirps, growls or simply with body language. Though she can't "talk" to animals, this form of communication is enough to make her pass as an animal. Autumn has no difficulty holding her shape as an animal, since she's been doing so for so long. When she is an animal, she has all the characteristics of it. She can breathe underwater as a fish. She can fly as a bird. She can do it all as that animal.
                      Autumn has a very hard time shifting into anything that isn't an animal. She can't hold her shape as inanimate objects or people for more than a few minutes. While she's tried in the past, she finds in impossible to do.
                      Autumn does have a limit to how long she can be in a specific shape, though. Not only for energy reasons, but for sanity reasons as well. Her energy will allow her to stay in shape for about five days straight. It didn't always used to be this long, but she improved with training and practice. However, Autumn begins to think of herself as that animal and no longer human after about two days. She loses herself as an animal. She forgets who she is and simply becomes one with the "beast". This is very dangerous for her because this change of thoughts and sanity of sorts goes on when she is forced to lose her shape and return to her human appearance. She still believes herself to be that animal and will until something or someone jolts her out of it. Even then, it's difficult to come back. She believed herself to be an African Wild Dog for about a month. She lived among the pack, even in her human state, that entire time and it wasn't until one of her friends she had made in Africa saw her and snapped her out of her delusion. The loss of her energy is not the biggest threat to her ability, the chance of her going insane is her worst fear. Even today, when she day dreams, she'll drift back to those African Wild Dogs. She'll long to run and hunt with the pack again. But she knows that she can never shift into that animal again. The risks would be far too great.

Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER] Other-1
                      Autumn has earned multiple degrees in different colleges or different things. She has quite an extensive knowledge on most subjects, ones she learned in her many many years in school and things she learned abroad in her travels. However, she hardly ever shares this secret stash of knowledge. She allows people to stay blissfully unaware of her smarts and she enjoys it that way.
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Angel's Character(s) [FINISHED CHARACTER]
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